Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Columns: Installation, Abstract Paintings & Assemblages

July 30 through August 28, 2011

The Beaufort Art Center presents the work of Jane Ellen Horner. Firmly established as one the leading Vermont based visual artists, she has recently returned to North Carolina after living in New England for 40 years. Her mediums are painting, drawing, installation and assemblage.

Jane’s artwork is informed by process. It is exploratory and naturally ebullient work that is beyond product. Both the installations and the paintings are entirely grounded by the earth and yet impart at least a hint of some world far from our own; from seed to star, profane to sacred. The collections and assemblages are gatherings of disparate nature-made and man-made objects, which convey a time-stretch as artifacts.

Her use of light, a keen understanding of color, and a quest for elegance of form is consistent throughout her work. There is also a never-ending air of discovery that clearly illustrates the ability to integrate knowledge, wisdom and skill to realize her personal vision.

Jane earned a Master of Fine Arts from the UNC Greensboro, and is the recipient of several grants and fellowships. Her work is widely shown in galleries and universities. Bank of the Arts in New Bern is currently showing her work. To see more of her work visit her website:

Opening Reception July 30th 5-8 pm at the Beaufort Art Center, 204 Turner Street, Beaufort, NC. Hours: Thursday-Saturdays 5-8 pm, Sundays 5-7 pm and by appointment. For more information call 252-622-8416 or 802-734-1002.

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