Tuesday, May 24, 2011

David Franck's "American Adventures of the Curiously Bizarre"

      Coming May 28th - June 12th, the Beaufort Art Center will feature New York photographer David Franck’s visual odyssey of grand Americana at its twentieth century peak. Titled American Adventures of the Curiously Bizarre, his work highlights our nation’s more unusual folkloric history through images, multi-media, and installations. The opening reception will be at the Beaufort Art Center, 204 Turner St. May 28 from 2-5 p.m, and is sponsored by Hannah's Haus.
     The show is a culmination of David’s travels throughout the country. It features images of carnival-inspired roadside attractions, outlandish architecture, foreign replicas and eccentric art. The work captures the often forgotten corners that once made hitting the American road truly an adventure.
Reminiscent of an era when travel on planes was considered a luxury most could not afford and the road was still king, David shows just how incredible the American Road Trip really was, and aims to illustrate that this spirit lives on, waiting once again to be discovered by an entirely new generation.
David Franck worked as a photographer and graphic designer in New York City until his recent relocation to the coast of North Carolina. He has traveled extensively and his work has been shown in galleries around the country, as well as reprinted in numerous publications. David is currently working on a book documenting his travels and his love for the American road.
     Show hours are weekends, May 28th, 29th, 30th; June 4th - 5th and 11th -12th,  Saturdays 10-6, Sundays 12-6, Memorial Day 12-6. Thursdays and Fridays the show will be open June 2nd - 3rd  and  9th - 10th  from 10AM-2PM. Make sure to join our event on Facebook!

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